I decided to start.

I spent the last week, the whole week (from Monday to Saturday), trying to figure out what programming language to learn. I knew only the basics of html, css, and javascript. But I needed to learn a language that will make my idea into a real working webapp.

Sunday morning I decided to go jogging. I’m not a jogging guy, I just wanted to go out and run that morning. I was looking to free up my mind a little bit. I ran near a beautiful beach. It was amazing.

When I felt tired, and out of breath, I went to a coffee. While I was sitting and drinking the juice that I just ordered, I saw some ads passing on the screen in front of my table. Once of them was an ad of a women perfume. What interesting about this advertisement is that they had no way to make us smell ( or just how it feels to smell ) the parfum, which is the case for all perfume ads. They just couldn’t do it.

But, still after watching this ad i felt insanely great for two reasons. The first is they showed the product in a very similar way to the idea of the app I was looking to create. The second is that this ad made me wanna buy this parfum for my girl, which meant that It was very persuasive.

Coming back from my jogging, and my coffee time. I found out that my idea was worth to spend time on. I was convinced that I just had to start programming my app, and learning on the go whatever language I needed, according to the task on my hand. And google and stackoverflow will be there to answer my questions to any problem I may face. Thus, I found that I didn’t need to learn a new programming language, neither to know which one to learn.


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