How i learnt to code

My last post was about how to start from nothing, and how i did it. The title was three tips to start from nothing.

In this article, i will write about my learning experience with c, and how that lead me to learn easily other languages, when needed.

My first contact with c was in high school, i outperformed my friends, but i thought it was just because not everybodry loved programming as me.

Two years later, i found my self with very smart people who were really good at mathematics. The programming language we had to use was c. Even i totally forgot what i learnt in high school, i immediatially enjoyed resolving problems in c. The exams confirmed that. I outperformed the very brillant guys, i knew they were brillant because they participated in olympiades and won some chess tournament.

Now, i knew i was into something, something that i was really good at. I can’t deny, I was proud. After some thinking, i thought that i should develop my skills in other languages. Programming was my biggest advantage.

Well, what i liked about C is that it was mathematical, very logical, and strict ( after every line ; ) here is quickly what you should learn in C, dive in if you are interested :

– int main, libraries ( stdio, conio ..)
– usual function like printf and scanf
– types : int, float, char, char[ ]
– structures : contain different types
– linked lists
– I forgot address and pointers ( have a relation with memory)
– all sorts ( bubble …)
– hash tables
– how to create your own functions

I really loved C for his efficency and his clarity. The second natural language that i learnt after knowing html and css ( you don’t have to learn these languages, just google whenever you want to understand something, you should only know in the beginning that there is a head, a body, and lot of div in html, and in css there is class and id, and you are good to go for now ) was javascript. One of the things i loved about javascript is his similarity with c. It is a really cool language. The sad news was that it was only client side ( which means run only browsers ) . The good news is that i discovered later that it was also available for server side ( which mean that it can run on a server ) which mean you can create webapp with it, like using Meteor.

To be honest I’m still learning javascript, especially meteor and how it works. Help me if you have some good links.

One of the best tip i can tell you in learning to code, is that we learn by example, not by tutorial. My most efficient way of learning is seeing orher person code, and tapping it again in my keyboard.

Finally, I’m still not finished with learning . I still don’t know almost nothing about php or ruby, that are very popular. I would like if you can help to find some good source code to learn from, especially for php and ruby. And please please tweet this article if you like it, I count on you. Cheers.


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