Geek friend

I had a geek friend, he loved programming, computers, well everything tech, like me. We used to spend the whole day arguing about the best sort to use in our code.

Things were good. We were friends like asterix and obelix ( thats whats people used to call us ). We both discovered for the first time that we could decrypt the wpa cle of my neighbour. I still remember how we were super excited like we just won the lottery.

As time passed, things changed. We spend less time together. He wasn’t like he used to. We became strangers. Our conversations were smaller

Hi whats up
Good What about u
Not much

I worried whether it was my fault or not. I saw he was more with a new guy, also a geek maybe. I concluded that from his barb. I thought that maybe that guy was smarter than me, or he was much cooler ( geekier ) than me. I decided to go and ask why things changed brutally.

We met in our morning cafe. I was very direct with him. I told him that it’s very strange and upsetting how things turned up. And that i didn’t understand why. He replied that he started a new relationship, and his new partner was jealous of me, because we were best friends. I was like C’mon a girl jealous of a guy. He explained to me that he was gay, and that his new partner didn’t like the fact that we spend together. I was in shock, i just knew he was gay.

The converstion went on for half an hour. By the end we decided that in life we constantly make new relationships, and these new relations may change us, or make us forget the past one, and that was the case for our friendship, and we had to let go to let new people to get in our life. But, we agreed that we were still friends. And the good thing was that we discussed things honestly and clearly.

If you liked this story, you may enjoy my last article in the form of a story. The title was Life and Coincidence.


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