The Three Tips to Start From Nothing (How I Did It)

My last article was about how i made my debuts on the internet. The title was i started with 0 code and no money.

What was interesting about that article, is that it got views from many countries like Kenya. For me, this represents the need of lot of people who want to know how to start.

I talked recently about my personnal story about coincidence in life. But here there is no coincidence, it’s about doing the right thing.

1-The first thing, is to understand where traffic comes from. For a starter, you will have to do it the old way at least in the beggining. I mean by that commenting on other blogs, giving the feedback to every user, and doing whatever it takes to get new users. Because this is all what matters by the end of the day, getting new clients.

2-The second crucial thing is to understand your business, your product and your service. You should start with the thing you are most familiar with, in the domain you understand the most. Then you should modify, tweak, redesign according to the feedback you get from your clients.

3-Did i say feedback, because beleive me, this is all what it is about. It’s about getting new clients right, but to get new clients, you should listen carefully to your existing users, and their recommendations, because it is what will open the door for new users to come in.

Finally, i will resume the three things that will make you ready to start and grow your thing. First start with the domain you are most familiar with, the thing that you find easy, is it selling products, giving a service, it is up to you to know that thing. Second get your first clients, by speaking to people directly either in real life, in forums, on blogs, in social media. The third thing, is once you get your first clients, listen to them with your whole heart and brain, their feedback will show you what is wrong with your service. Adopting your service according to people needs and claims, beleive me, will get you new clients, in a way you can’t imagine.

If you found this article interesting, share it with others. You know, Life biggest beauty is in caring and sharing.


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