I started with 0 code and no money.

Two days i wrote about a story of my childhood with a friend. The title was Life And Coincidence.

Well, today i would like to write how i started my way on the internet from zero to big. At the beggining i was just curious to discover, and to know how things worked. I started reading whatever blogpost i found intersting. I copied every idea, style from a popular app i liked. Popular apps were my source of inspiration.

Later, as i wasn’t that good at programming, i used services with zero programming to create my store, create a blog and mail my clients.

I didn’t even spend money on buying a domain name or hosting a webapp. For me, it was okay working with a .wordpress.com and .shopify.com address. And i was right, my clients never minded about that. They asked me about my products, and my services but never why i am using shopify or wordpress or about my hosting service.

But what was my service and my products ? My products were some very good quality iphone cases. My service was the communication based on honesty with my clients. This is what made all the difference. I was always in contact with the clients. The clients loved the fact to be able to speak with someone as they buy something.

Here is my top three tricks, that helped me make it big with zero money invested, and zero knowledge about programming :

1- Shopify is a service supposed to be paid for, but me, i used a new free trial every 14 days. That was never a problem for me, as my traffic came mainly from posts like this.

2- I was always honest with my client, in case there is a problem on shipping the product to the right adress. I often just sent an other case for free.

3- the third one is that i’m doing that part time. I’m focusing fully on my studies. But still my clients are happy. And i make a good sum of money to pay my studies and my needs.

Finally, to succeed im life you don’t have to know lot of things. But you should find a way to make it with what you already know.

If you are looking for good quality iphone cases. This is my store.


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