Life And Coincidence

For x.

Once, my family moved to a new home in a new city. My family moved a lot, there was nothing new in that. In this neighborhood everyone was fighting, why ? i don’t know, it was in their blood maybe. Me, i was best friend with x, who was the one who gived orders. x was the one who told the guys in the neighbour moral values, the one who everybody respected. And just because i was his best friend, people treated me with some respect also. Things were fine.

It went that way for two years, till one day x told me that his family is moving in some weeks. Apparently his father was promoted, now they will move to a better house. I was sad because we spend so much time together playing, discussing, having fun. We were supposed to be best friends forever.

Then i found out, the guys in the neighbor were waiting for his depart just to beat me. Why ? Don’t know, they wanted to, it’s in their nature to beat each other. x moved several weeks later. I had to learn then how to fight, but i have to say that wasn’t easy at all. I was afraid. I couldn’t do anything, except staying at home doing homework, and watching super boring cartoons. Time passed, and i learnt how to deal with the guys in the neighbour, but my biggest concern, was that i really had no one to spend time with, like i was with x, who was my best friend. I mean, i learnt from him a lot from his modesty, his calm, the way he managed all the people around him, and how everybody listened to him. He was a best friend, but also a source of inspiration to learn from.

By the end of the year, we often knew If we will have to move for next year or not. That year we had to move to another city. For me, i didn’t mind, anyway i get used to these things. In august we were installed in our new home, things were fine, i already choose my new school, my mother loved the new house, my father was good with it.

School started. In the morning of that day, i came early at school, i tool my seat, and waited for the teacher. Moments later someone came in. It was x, We were in the same class, we had a long talk !!! Man !!! We were sure now best friends forever.

I learn from your comments. So please comment what you think about that story.


4 thoughts on “Life And Coincidence

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