I decided to start.

I spent the last week, the whole week (from Monday to Saturday), trying to figure out what programming language to learn. I knew only the basics of html, css, and javascript. But I needed to learn a language that will make my idea into a real working webapp.

Sunday morning I decided to go jogging. I’m not a jogging guy, I just wanted to go out and run that morning. I was looking to free up my mind a little bit. I ran near a beautiful beach. It was amazing.

When I felt tired, and out of breath, I went to a coffee. While I was sitting and drinking the juice that I just ordered, I saw some ads passing on the screen in front of my table. Once of them was an ad of a women perfume. What interesting about this advertisement is that they had no way to make us smell ( or just how it feels to smell ) the parfum, which is the case for all perfume ads. They just couldn’t do it.

But, still after watching this ad i felt insanely great for two reasons. The first is they showed the product in a very similar way to the idea of the app I was looking to create. The second is that this ad made me wanna buy this parfum for my girl, which meant that It was very persuasive.

Coming back from my jogging, and my coffee time. I found out that my idea was worth to spend time on. I was convinced that I just had to start programming my app, and learning on the go whatever language I needed, according to the task on my hand. And google and stackoverflow will be there to answer my questions to any problem I may face. Thus, I found that I didn’t need to learn a new programming language, neither to know which one to learn.


How i learnt to code

My last post was about how to start from nothing, and how i did it. The title was three tips to start from nothing.

In this article, i will write about my learning experience with c, and how that lead me to learn easily other languages, when needed.

My first contact with c was in high school, i outperformed my friends, but i thought it was just because not everybodry loved programming as me.

Two years later, i found my self with very smart people who were really good at mathematics. The programming language we had to use was c. Even i totally forgot what i learnt in high school, i immediatially enjoyed resolving problems in c. The exams confirmed that. I outperformed the very brillant guys, i knew they were brillant because they participated in olympiades and won some chess tournament.

Now, i knew i was into something, something that i was really good at. I can’t deny, I was proud. After some thinking, i thought that i should develop my skills in other languages. Programming was my biggest advantage.

Well, what i liked about C is that it was mathematical, very logical, and strict ( after every line ; ) here is quickly what you should learn in C, dive in if you are interested :

– int main, libraries ( stdio, conio ..)
– usual function like printf and scanf
– types : int, float, char, char[ ]
– structures : contain different types
– linked lists
– I forgot address and pointers ( have a relation with memory)
– all sorts ( bubble …)
– hash tables
– how to create your own functions

I really loved C for his efficency and his clarity. The second natural language that i learnt after knowing html and css ( you don’t have to learn these languages, just google whenever you want to understand something, you should only know in the beginning that there is a head, a body, and lot of div in html, and in css there is class and id, and you are good to go for now ) was javascript. One of the things i loved about javascript is his similarity with c. It is a really cool language. The sad news was that it was only client side ( which means run only browsers ) . The good news is that i discovered later that it was also available for server side ( which mean that it can run on a server ) which mean you can create webapp with it, like using Meteor.

To be honest I’m still learning javascript, especially meteor and how it works. Help me if you have some good links.

One of the best tip i can tell you in learning to code, is that we learn by example, not by tutorial. My most efficient way of learning is seeing orher person code, and tapping it again in my keyboard.

Finally, I’m still not finished with learning . I still don’t know almost nothing about php or ruby, that are very popular. I would like if you can help to find some good source code to learn from, especially for php and ruby. And please please tweet this article if you like it, I count on you. Cheers.

Geek friend

I had a geek friend, he loved programming, computers, well everything tech, like me. We used to spend the whole day arguing about the best sort to use in our code.

Things were good. We were friends like asterix and obelix ( thats whats people used to call us ). We both discovered for the first time that we could decrypt the wpa cle of my neighbour. I still remember how we were super excited like we just won the lottery.

As time passed, things changed. We spend less time together. He wasn’t like he used to. We became strangers. Our conversations were smaller

Hi whats up
Good What about u
Not much

I worried whether it was my fault or not. I saw he was more with a new guy, also a geek maybe. I concluded that from his barb. I thought that maybe that guy was smarter than me, or he was much cooler ( geekier ) than me. I decided to go and ask why things changed brutally.

We met in our morning cafe. I was very direct with him. I told him that it’s very strange and upsetting how things turned up. And that i didn’t understand why. He replied that he started a new relationship, and his new partner was jealous of me, because we were best friends. I was like C’mon a girl jealous of a guy. He explained to me that he was gay, and that his new partner didn’t like the fact that we spend together. I was in shock, i just knew he was gay.

The converstion went on for half an hour. By the end we decided that in life we constantly make new relationships, and these new relations may change us, or make us forget the past one, and that was the case for our friendship, and we had to let go to let new people to get in our life. But, we agreed that we were still friends. And the good thing was that we discussed things honestly and clearly.

If you liked this story, you may enjoy my last article in the form of a story. The title was Life and Coincidence.

The Three Tips to Start From Nothing (How I Did It)

My last article was about how i made my debuts on the internet. The title was i started with 0 code and no money.

What was interesting about that article, is that it got views from many countries like Kenya. For me, this represents the need of lot of people who want to know how to start.

I talked recently about my personnal story about coincidence in life. But here there is no coincidence, it’s about doing the right thing.

1-The first thing, is to understand where traffic comes from. For a starter, you will have to do it the old way at least in the beggining. I mean by that commenting on other blogs, giving the feedback to every user, and doing whatever it takes to get new users. Because this is all what matters by the end of the day, getting new clients.

2-The second crucial thing is to understand your business, your product and your service. You should start with the thing you are most familiar with, in the domain you understand the most. Then you should modify, tweak, redesign according to the feedback you get from your clients.

3-Did i say feedback, because beleive me, this is all what it is about. It’s about getting new clients right, but to get new clients, you should listen carefully to your existing users, and their recommendations, because it is what will open the door for new users to come in.

Finally, i will resume the three things that will make you ready to start and grow your thing. First start with the domain you are most familiar with, the thing that you find easy, is it selling products, giving a service, it is up to you to know that thing. Second get your first clients, by speaking to people directly either in real life, in forums, on blogs, in social media. The third thing, is once you get your first clients, listen to them with your whole heart and brain, their feedback will show you what is wrong with your service. Adopting your service according to people needs and claims, beleive me, will get you new clients, in a way you can’t imagine.

If you found this article interesting, share it with others. You know, Life biggest beauty is in caring and sharing.

I started with 0 code and no money.

Two days i wrote about a story of my childhood with a friend. The title was Life And Coincidence.

Well, today i would like to write how i started my way on the internet from zero to big. At the beggining i was just curious to discover, and to know how things worked. I started reading whatever blogpost i found intersting. I copied every idea, style from a popular app i liked. Popular apps were my source of inspiration.

Later, as i wasn’t that good at programming, i used services with zero programming to create my store, create a blog and mail my clients.

I didn’t even spend money on buying a domain name or hosting a webapp. For me, it was okay working with a .wordpress.com and .shopify.com address. And i was right, my clients never minded about that. They asked me about my products, and my services but never why i am using shopify or wordpress or about my hosting service.

But what was my service and my products ? My products were some very good quality iphone cases. My service was the communication based on honesty with my clients. This is what made all the difference. I was always in contact with the clients. The clients loved the fact to be able to speak with someone as they buy something.

Here is my top three tricks, that helped me make it big with zero money invested, and zero knowledge about programming :

1- Shopify is a service supposed to be paid for, but me, i used a new free trial every 14 days. That was never a problem for me, as my traffic came mainly from posts like this.

2- I was always honest with my client, in case there is a problem on shipping the product to the right adress. I often just sent an other case for free.

3- the third one is that i’m doing that part time. I’m focusing fully on my studies. But still my clients are happy. And i make a good sum of money to pay my studies and my needs.

Finally, to succeed im life you don’t have to know lot of things. But you should find a way to make it with what you already know.

If you are looking for good quality iphone cases. This is my store.

Life And Coincidence

For x.

Once, my family moved to a new home in a new city. My family moved a lot, there was nothing new in that. In this neighborhood everyone was fighting, why ? i don’t know, it was in their blood maybe. Me, i was best friend with x, who was the one who gived orders. x was the one who told the guys in the neighbour moral values, the one who everybody respected. And just because i was his best friend, people treated me with some respect also. Things were fine.

It went that way for two years, till one day x told me that his family is moving in some weeks. Apparently his father was promoted, now they will move to a better house. I was sad because we spend so much time together playing, discussing, having fun. We were supposed to be best friends forever.

Then i found out, the guys in the neighbor were waiting for his depart just to beat me. Why ? Don’t know, they wanted to, it’s in their nature to beat each other. x moved several weeks later. I had to learn then how to fight, but i have to say that wasn’t easy at all. I was afraid. I couldn’t do anything, except staying at home doing homework, and watching super boring cartoons. Time passed, and i learnt how to deal with the guys in the neighbour, but my biggest concern, was that i really had no one to spend time with, like i was with x, who was my best friend. I mean, i learnt from him a lot from his modesty, his calm, the way he managed all the people around him, and how everybody listened to him. He was a best friend, but also a source of inspiration to learn from.

By the end of the year, we often knew If we will have to move for next year or not. That year we had to move to another city. For me, i didn’t mind, anyway i get used to these things. In august we were installed in our new home, things were fine, i already choose my new school, my mother loved the new house, my father was good with it.

School started. In the morning of that day, i came early at school, i tool my seat, and waited for the teacher. Moments later someone came in. It was x, We were in the same class, we had a long talk !!! Man !!! We were sure now best friends forever.

I learn from your comments. So please comment what you think about that story.